Rules & Regulations

Motiv8 is focused solely on the education of dance. It is the sister company of 8 National Talent Competition. The incredible Motiv8 faculty is excited to share their knowledge with the dancers, teachers, and parents!

When a dancer is recognized for being inspiring in class, the instructor will present them with a "Cre8ive Artist" band. Each teacher will have a different color for the weekend. This allows dancers to be recognized for their hard work, yet at the same time continue sharing their energy with the other dancers on the dance floor.

The Improv Challenge at 8 National Talent Competition, "Movement over Mind" is one of the dancer's favorite parts of the events. Motiv8 is excited to include Movement over Mind at Motiv8 at each event!

There will be a class designated to learning the combo for the "Innov8ive Challenge". This will be where we see what the dancers can do to make the movement their own. This challenge can be entered as a solo, duet/trio, or group.

Since Motiv8 is a convention only, this will allow the dancers to take several classes that are offered throughout the weekend. MOtiv8 wants each and every dancer to leave feeling Motiv8ed so they can  begin their dance season at their best!

Motiv8 will also incorporate seminars for the dancers, teachers, parents as well as a faculty lunch chat with the dancers.

Motiv8's classes are designed to keep the focus on the dancers and help them shine.

Be Moved- ages 5-7
Be Open- ages 8-10
Be True- ages 11-13
Be Inspired- ages 14 and Over
Be Versatile- Teachers/Pro Am

  • The dancer's age is as of the first day of convention. Dancers may dance up one age group. If they choose to dance up, they also must do the Improv Challenge and Innov8ive Challenge up. Dancers may dance down one age group. Dancers choosing to dance down must stay in their regular age group for The Improv Challenge and Innov8ive Challenge.
  • All classes are one hour with a 5 minute break between. No in and out during class unless it's an emergency.
  • No phones in class.
  • No photos or videos during class.
  • Pictures and autographs may be done at the faculty lunch chat. Please do not ask at the end of class as this can cause the teachers to be late to their next class.
  • Upon registration, you agree to not hold Motiv8 liable for injuries or lost/stolen items.
  • Upon registration, you agree to allow Motiv8 the right to use your photos and videos taken by our faculty at the convention.
  • Motiv8 ID bracelets must be worn in all classes.
  • Motiv8 has the right to remove dancers, teachers, and parents from the convention for inappropriate conduct.

Payment is due upon registration. Studios, please send one check for all dancers if paying by check.

NEW THIS SEASON: Live critiques for solos, duets/trios and groups. 

1 free teacher with 10 students
2 free teachers with 25 students
3 free teachers with 45 students

Parent band $48 (access to all parent seminars, observable classes, Improv Challenge, and Innov8ive Challenge)


Be Moved (5-7) $218 ($188 if paid 60 days PRIOR to event)
Be Open (8-10) $298 ($248 if paid 60 days PRIOR to event)
Be True (11-13) $298 ($248 if paid 60 days PRIOR to event)
Be Inspired (14 and Over) $298 ($248 if paid 60 days PRIOR to event)
Be Versatile (Teachers/Pro Am) $298 ($248 if paid 60 days PRIOR to event)



Be Moved (5-7) $158 
Be Open (8-10) $198 
Be True (11-13) $198 
Be Inspired (14 and Over) $198 
Be Versatile (Teachers/Pro Am) $198 

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